Is Your Website Copy Like an Inattentive Parent? Here’s How to Improve User Engagement and Conversion

Is Your Website Copy Like an Inattentive Parent Here's How to Improve User Engagement and Conversion

“Tinkle sta how wonda you are”

Swthrt, she’s mumbling something that I cannot make sense of.

And she keeps repeating it.

What is she saying?

Honey, your daughter has picked up the poem she heard on YouTube.

Whatt? I was astonished.

You know my daughter just turned two in Jan of this year.

And now she was picking up things she learned on YouTube?

And I have tried to make sense of a lot of things she says.

But to me, everything is so gibberish.

I must be a bad father, am I?

Unlike my wife, who gets everything she says in an instant.

My wife explained to me, “No, Honey, you’re not a bad father. You’re just not good at interpreting your daughter’s talks.

Maybe, and if only you spend more time with her. You certainly will”

Hearing that, the agency owner in woke up! 

Because in a recent study published in the Digital Journal, most website copies are like me. 

That is like the dad who finds her own daughter talking gibberish. 

You’d be surprised that number is as high as 60%…

That is people who simply can’t make sense of a website copy. 

Not making sense to the targeted audience.

Focusing too much on selling their product.

Is your business website too like an inattentive father?

Now if you are wondering…

Just go back and look up your Google Analytics or maybe Google Search Console.

That should tell you about your users’ little interest in reading what you offer.

If most readers are skimming pages on your website…

Without taking any action.

Without doing the action, you want them to do….

That means you got an inattentive parent problem.  

I mean, your website copy sounds gibberish. 

Luckily, I had my wife explain that I’m not a bad dad…

You got me, so I can ensure your website isn’t a bad funnel! 

So you don’t lose those potential clients.

Let me help your Google Analytics tell a different story the next time you look at it.

Let me put you in the 40% group

Email me, and we can start the ball rolling!

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