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We provide the most extensive range of Vector Art Design at an affordable cost.

How are skills in producing high-quality vector artwork helped saved the day for our customer?

Having a good grasp over a variety of tools required to convert a Bitmap image to vector, it is only fair to say that we do an awesome job all the time.

This graphic project is one of those that makes up for a strong case study. Our client, a promotional product distributor specializing in custom t-shirts, need a complex Bitmap image converted to vector artwork for the printing endeavors.

Here is the artwork and the brief we received from our customer.

Image as sent by the customer

I have an art that needs to be redrawn, it is pretty complicated, can I get an estimate price on this redraw? We need it redrawn as is and this is going to be printed on a black and white t-shirt. Please try and keep it close to the colors on the image. We are printing this art as 4-color process. We are on deadline as this is needed for campaign this weekend. So, anything you can do expedite this would be of great help.

Spectrum Infinite to the Client Rescue

The image presented several challenges while redrawing as a vector artwork. The image shared by the customer had several grids of pixels that were difficult to put together. The smoke effect and gradients presented a whole new level of difficulty.

Our skilled artist used the stroking and fill method to arrive at cleaning the white lines. And because this was going to be screen printed on a t-shirt, we had to ensure that all the shapes in the art were first stroked, and then a second layer as a fill-in.

Our artists finished the art and made it a clean vector image in less than a day’s time. Well in time for our customer to meet their deadline for printing.

Here is what we achieved as final artwork

Our faster delivery, combined with the right methods and to arrive at the completed artwork first time right, saved the customer a lot of money. The client awarded us with a bonus on this project for keeping up to our commitment and quality.

Needless to mention, at being so affordable for such a complex piece of artwork. Our client and many others in promotional, screen-printing, advertising, real estate, pharmaceutical, healthcare continue to use for vector artwork services and a variety of other graphic projects.

We convert a Bitmap image (or any other file format) to vector image necessary for print, for as low as $8.

Words From Happy Clients

Hear from hundreds of clients who have received project and support
“ Working with Spectrum Infinite has been a total game changer for me. I'm an online photographer and their services have helped me grow my business. They are the only company that offers affordable, high-quality photography post production service, which is essential to my work! ”

Will Bazille

“ I've been working with Spectrum Infinite for years now and they are the best. Their prices are always fair, the quality is always great, and their post production workflow has changed my game for the better. I've used other companies before but I will never go back now that I found Spectrum Infinite. They're simply the best. ”

Jake Kroclick

“ Spectrum Infinite really helped me take my photography business to the next level. When I first started, I was worried about how I would afford the best post production for photographers, especially with how expensive it is. Spectrum Infinite was able to edit my photos for a very low price which gave me the opportunity to offer better rates to customers. ”

Jeff Limes

“ This is the best photo editing service I have ever used! I'm not sure how it's even possible but they delivered the best quality photos that not only look like they could be published in a magazine, but that were also affordable for me! I could tell that they put a lot of time and effort into making sure my photos were perfect and I'm very appreciative. ”

David Allen

Creative Graphic Services

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