Creative Graphic Services
Creative Graphic Services

Pre-Press or Pre-Production Services

Pre-press is the pivotal phase that precedes the actual printing process. In this integral stage, we meticulously handle each facet, from receiving orders to obtaining graphic files from our esteemed clients and designers.

It’s important to note that pre-press is distinct from the physical act of printing; it serves as the backbone for ensuring optimal print quality and precision.

For instance, imagine submitting an order for a batch of promotional materials. Our pre-press experts would attentively gather all specifications, review graphic files, and meticulously prepare them for the subsequent printing stages.

This crucial process guarantees that the final prints align seamlessly with your expectations, maintaining a standard of excellence throughout. In essence, our pre-press services act as the safeguard, ensuring that your vision is accurately translated onto the printed canvas, setting the stage for a flawless printing experience.

At Spectrum Infinite, our approach to the pre-press process is characterized by precision, expertise, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Initiate the process of creating outstanding artwork or designs crafted for high-quality printing with Spectrum Infinite. Uncertain about where to begin? Our expert team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring the transformation of your vision into top-tier prints. From receiving your orders to collaborating on graphic files, our comprehensive pre-press services pave the way for a smooth and successful printing experience.

Rely on us to navigate the intricacies and deliver exceptional results, making your printing projects both seamless and visually stunning.

The prepress process is everything that happens before you send your artwork into production. It includes sizing your artwork to fit bleed (extra material upfront), choosing colors, setting the font, and many other checkpoints to make sure nothing goes wrong when it’s time for printing.

We here at Spectrum Infinite, understand how critical it is for you to ensure that your production cycle is not affected.

Do you want to make sure your design or artwork is perfect before printing?

The first two steps in pre-press services are proofreading and sizing. Before printing, as your production partner we have you sign off on a proof to ensure that your text is perfect. We check the typeface as well, and ensure that your printer’s library contains a matching typeface. After proofreading for text errors, we correct them and then properly size your artwork. Using the initial brief as a guide, we ensure that the end result you see is exactly as specified.

Our team will manage all these tasks so you can concentrate on what really matters – YOUR BUSINESS.
Our services include everything from editing and designing to typesetting, page layout, color correction, and image retouchingn. It includes sizing your artwork to fit bleed (extra material upfront), choosing colors, setting the font, and many other checkpoints to make sure nothing goes wrong when it’s time for printing.

We here at Spectrum Infinite, understand how critical it is for you to ensure that your production cycle is not affected.

Explore our comprehensive pre-press services, priming your artwork for perfect printing.

Vector Redraws

Our team of experts can convert any graphic bitmap format into print-ready vector for your projects.

Paper Proofs

Creating a paper proof ensures that the artwork is pixel-perfect before it goes into production.

Virtual Samples

We can create a mockup of your product with the customer's logo and amaze them with branding ideas.

Color Separations

Our color separation services aim to provide you with multiple layers of color within each layer of the image.

With our years of experience with pre-production services, you will never have to worry about three things


You'll never worry again about production deadlines


We are knowledgeable enough to make sure your work goes smoothly and on time


Our quality of service is second to none. You won't regret choosing us!

Clients prefer Spectrum Infinite for four key reasons

RUSH Artwork in 3 Hours or Less

We prioritize your deadlines, delivering swift and efficient service.

Very Affordable Pricing

Enjoy top-notch services without breaking the bank.

First-Time Right Guarantee

Our commitment to quality ensures that your project is done accurately from the start.

Language is Never a Barrier

Communication is seamless, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Creative Graphic Services
Creative Graphic Services
Creative Graphic Services
pre production checklist

We match your quality and turn time expectations

As your extended art department, we match your quality and turn time expectations for your production department every time.

Whether you need a proof, or virtual  product-mockup or a vector artwork, make us your go-to partner.

Pre-Press or Pre-Production Portfolio

Delve into a selection of our impressive Pre-Press or Pre-Production portfolio, showcasing the excellence and versatility of our work.

Each project reflects our commitment to precision and creativity, offering a glimpse into the transformative solutions we provide.

Words From Happy Clients

Gain insights from the experiences of numerous clients who have not only received exceptional project outcomes but also benefitted from our unwavering support.

Their testimonials serve as a testament to the quality and dedication we bring to every collaboration.

“ I've been looking for a company that can take my project to the next level. I found Spectrum Infinite while searching for graphic designers and it has changed the game ever since. The team is friendly, always provides high-quality work, and always meets deadlines ahead of time. ”

Mark Sullivan

“ I hired Spectrum Infinite to create an infographic for our new product and I am glad I did. They came up with the most attractive design out of all the other proposals that we had received. Their prices are competitive and they work in a timely manner, which is really important when you run a business like ours. ”

Mardee Hamilton

“ I found Spectrum Infinite on the internet and I am really happy that I did. They offer a wide variety of services not just graphics but also photo editing, video production, and custom graphics for T-Shirts . No matter what you need done, they will be able to provide it. And their customer service is amazing! They are very responsive and always make sure everything is delivered on time. ”

Brad Schwartz

“ I just wanted to say that Spectrum Infinite is the best when it comes to vector artwork, and production proofs providers. I use them daily since the last two years and have had wonderful experiences every time. The pricing is very reasonable and they are so much faster than the other providers in the area. They are also very customer service oriented which is a huge plus for me. ”

John Patton

“ I am so glad I found this company! With Spectrum, I am able to get all my pre-press artwork faster and at the best price. The turnaround time is always on point and it is easy to use. I have been recommending this company to all of my friends in the promotional industry. ”

Carlos Rodriguez

“ Spectrum Infinite is my go-to for all product mockups and t-shirt artwork. They are the best priced and fastest in the industry, and always come through with quality work. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a t-shirt graphics. ”

Todd Zasceck

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John Doe


Creative Graphic Services

Frequently Asked Questions From Customers

How much do you charge to create a vector image?
Our charges vary depending upon the complexity of the artwork
Do you have a base price?

Yes.  We do simple artwork for $10

Do you have an hourly rate?
No. We prefer to price an artwork depending on the effort involved in it.
Can I submit any file format? Like a Word document, or JPG or PNG or CDR file?
Yes, you can.
How long does it take for you to create a vector artwork?
Depending upon the complexity, some may take an hour and a few others may take longer. All our work gets sent out the same business day.
Do you charge a RUSH fee?
No. We don’t
How do we start sending you projects?

You can either use the Form here or email us at . You can also call us at +1-732-917-4133

Have an artwork  conversion or a product mockup request?